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KRISHNA CHANDRAPUR, St. Peter & Paul Church

Estd. :


Patron :

St. Peter & Paul

Address :

Catholic Church
Krishna chandrapur, Mayurbhanj
Pin - 757029
Phone : 06793 - 278201

Gram Panchayat :


Catholic families :


No. of Catholics :


No. of Substations :


Parish Priest :

Fr. Jojo CV

Associate Pastor :

Fr. Paul Kanak OCD

No. of Catechists :


Religious insitutions :

Jyoti Nivas (CM)
St. Mary’s DC Convent
St. Anne’s Convent Baripada
M.C. Convent, Gagaraj
Jeevan Jyothi DC Convent
Little flower C.S.T. Brothers
M.C. Brothers, Raghunathpur

Educational insitutions :

St. Mary’s Girls’ High School
St. Mary’s U.P School
St. Anne’s Convent School
St. Mary’s Convent School (English)

Socio-welfare activities :

St. Joseph’s Boys’ Hostel
St. Mary’s Girls’ Hostel
Women Organisations
Self-help Groups.

Health Care :

St. Mary’s Health Centre.
Health reach out programme
Community Health
M.C. Brothers T.B. Asylum
M.C. Sisters Mobile Clinic

Pious associations :

S.V.P. Particular Council
Marian Society
Holy Childhood

History of the Parish :
The Origin of Christianity in Krishnachandrapur, the mother church of Mayurbhanj District, Orissa can be traced to as far back as 1879 when as the Govt. Records have it, a certain Fr. L’ hermitte S.J. of Calcutta received from the maharaja Purna Chandra Bhanj Dev of Baripada 16 Sq, Kms of Jungle and waste lands on lease some 10 miles from Baripada on either side of the road to Balasore to establish a Catholic Mission there. By the end of that year the very first Catholic Missionary Fr. L’ Hermitte S.J. went to live in the village called Nangalkatta situated in the new concession. In 1880 Fr. L’Hermitte founded the new village called krishanachandrapur after the name of the grantor.

From 1880 till 1937 records show that Jesuit Missionary Fathers L’Hermitte, Knockart, Shaff, Fiergus, Gengler, Opde Beck, A.Ville and Virthoff have worked in Krishnachandrapur. In 1895 the present Church was blessed and opened for public worship dedicating the same to Saints Peter and Paul. According to the 1911 census (Mayurbhanj Gazateer 1967, page 122) 264 of which 125 males and 139 females are recorded as christians under Naglakatta Catholic Mission. In 1937 a certain Fr. Gabriel O.P, a Dominican Missionary From Malta was recorded to have stayed in Krishnachandra as Parish Priest resident.

In 1941 when due to the World war Conditions the Domincan Missionaries from Malta left India for good, the Christian community of Krishnachandrapur began to be ministered from Khargpur. For the Next 7 years until 1948 when Fr. Joseph Viziak S.J. from Calcutta took his residence in Krishnachandrapur, Fr. Richir and Delang from Kharagpur have rendered services in Krishnachandrapur. Fr. Joseph Viziak S.J. Continued to be in KrishnaChandrapur as resident Parish Priest for 17 long years until 1965 when Krishnachandrapur in Orissa began to be served by Oriya speaking Priests from, the Diocese of Cuttack. During the tenure of Fr. Viziak S.J. in Krishnachandrapur, the Daughters of St. Anne Calcutta had established a Convent in Krishnachandrapur but before Fr. Viziak left Krishnachandrapur in 1965 the Daughters of St. Anne Calcutta had already left Krishnachandrapur for good.

In 1965 came Fr. Antony Attully of Cuttack diocese as the first Indian and the very first Diocesan Priest to serve as Parish Priest at Krishna Chandrapur. In 1968 when Balasore became an independant ecclesiastical unit and the Vincentians (C.M.) took charge of that new ecclesiastical unti, Fr. Joseph Kisharam C.M. replaced Fr. Antony Attully as Parish priest. On 2nd Nov. 1970, the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (D.C) established a Convent and Dispensory at Krishnachandrapur. In the following year on 1st Jan. 1971, the D.C Sisters took charge of the Primary School from the Parish Management. In 1971 both the Boy’s Hostel and the Girl’s Hostel were started in Krishnachandrapur. In 1971 Fr. Joseph Ponmalakunnel C.M. took charge of Krishnachandrapur as Parish Priest from Fr. Joseph Kizharam and was there until 1975 when Fr. Fausto Gregorio C.M. replaced him as Parish Priest. In 1977 Fr. Joseph Thuil C.M. became Parish Priest replacing Fr. Fausto Gregorio. In 1979 Fr. Amador Marcos C.M. succeeded Fr. Joseph Thyil as Parish Priest, and was there until 1983 Fr. Cherian Varampath C.M. became Parish Priest of Krishnachandrapur. In 1987 the Girls’ High School was started in Krishnachandrapur. In 1988 Fr. Jacob Kallupurackal succeeded Fr. Cherian as Parish Priest of Krishnachandrapur who was replaced by Fr. Jose Thundyil in 1991. It was in Feb.1992 that the Vellankanni Shrine was blessed opened at Krishnachandrapur. On the following year in 1993 the new presbitery was inaugurated leaving the old presbitery for parish Administrative offices.

The Centenary of the establishment of Krishnachandrapur Parish was celebrated in 1995 with a year long spiritual renewal programmes and other developmental activities. Fr. Jose Thundyil held the post of Parish Priest for 7 years until 1998 during which period much renovations were undertaken owing to which a thorough face-lift was given to krishnachandrapur church complex. His successor Fr. Roy Kochupurackal ministered Krishnachandrapur as Parish Priest from 1998 till 2002 during which period suitable habitations and home water supply was given to many families. From 2002 onwards (the present incumbent) Fr. Jacob Kallupurackal rendered services to the people around as Parish Priest and was replaced by Fr. Jose Aresseril in June 2006.

Although Krishnachandrapur Parish has produced several vocations for women Religious in different Congregations like the Daughters of St. Anne Calcutta, Missionary Sisters of Mother Teresa, Sisters of St. Joseph Annecy Waltair, Sisters of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; Hand Maids of mary etc, with a total of 14 presently living Sisters, until the Parish celebrated its Centenary it did not have any priest of its own. How-ever, this deficiency was made good when the first Religious Priest Peter Pradhan C.M. was ordained on 29th Dec. 2001 in his home parish Krishnachandrapur. Following his foot-steps Fr. Joseph Naik C.M. was ordained on 28th Dec. 2004 in Krishnachandrapur too. There are at present 6 young men preparing themselves for the Priesthood studying in different Major/Minor Seminaries for the diocese of Balasore and for Religious Congregations. Krishnachandrapur now stands as the only parish in the diocese of Balasore as self reliant in all aspects.


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