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BAGHMARA, St. Vincent’s Catholic Church

Estd :


Patron :

St. Vincent De Paul

Address :

Catholic Church,
Baghmara, Kachilakhunta,
Mayurbhanj, Pin - 757025
Phone : 06793 - 220220

Gram Panchayat :


Catholic families :


No. of Catechists :


No. of Substations :


Parish Priest :

Fr. Mons Kurian Arakkal

Religious insitutions :

Vijay Sadan Convent. (SAB)

Educational insitutions :

Vijay High Shool
Vijay M.E School

Socio-welfare activities :

Vijay Tribal Boys’ Hostel
Vijay Sadan Girls’ Tribal Hostel
Women Organisations
Child Labour Awareness Programme
Community health Programme

Health Care :

Vijay Sadan Health Centre

Pious associations :

S.V. P. Conference

History of the Parish :
As Memory falls back, Evangelization works began in Betnoti-Baghmara area from the year 1971-72. It was all initiated by the indomitable efforts of Msgr. Jacob, Cathechists Vimol Giri, Sudam Hembrom and Baidar Singh, who sowed the seeds of Christianity in and around the villages of Palikapada, Kuchilakhunta and Pathuria villages all in Betnoti Block of Mayurbhanj District.

Baghmara villages under Kuchilakhunta Gram Panchayat was located as a convenient and central place for establishing a Mission Centre where a plot of land was purchased from a certain Mr. Das of the same village. A straw thatched mud house was built in that plot and catechist Vimal Giri with his family from Hatigarh took abode in that. He was the main evangelizer of that area. Due to his efforts more and more people especially from Kuchilakhunta and Paikapada began to enroll themselves as faithful.

In Oct. 1974, Fr. Joseph Kallarackel C.M. was appointed as the first Priest-in-charge of Baghmara Mission who took shelter with Catechist Vimal Giri and family sharing the same hut and his meals. During the earlier days of the priest’s stay in Baghmara, there was much interest and enthusiasm from the part of the people towards matters of religion. But gradually, as they could not get all what they expected from the mission, many began to fall back especially in Kuchilakhunta and Paikapada.

In 1975, foundation for a Church-cum-presbytery was laid at Baghmara and the work was supervised by Fr. Joseph Thyil C.M. of K.C.Pur.

In 1976, due to ill health Fr. Joseph Kallarackel had to leave Baghmara for Berhampur and in his place Fr. George Rathappilly who was then only a Novice in the priesthood, being ordained in May 1976 was apointed priest-in-charge. He too took his abode with the catechist Vimal Giri and family. In the mean time there appeared much scope for evangelization in Baisinga - Gardeulia area and Vimal Giri was shifted to Gardeulia.

In 1977, the construction of the Church and presbytery in Baghmara was completed and inaugurated and Fr. George Rathappilly bid good bye to his dear hut to live in a bungalow like presbytery. The hut that was so far used by the priest and the catechist was turned into a temporary hostel for tribal boys attending the local primary school. Fr. George being alone and found it difficult to keep contact with the people of the distant villages of Rangola and Beldiha, Msgr. Jacob detached those villages from, Baghmara and attached to Kusudiha Mission.

In 1979, Fr. George Rathappilly was transferred to Keonjhar and in his place Fr. Chacko Panathara C.M. was appointed at Baghmara. Fr. Chacko gave much attention towards education of the children by expnading the hostel. More and more poor boys were received into the existing hostel but in the meantime a permanent hostel building was constructed and was christened as Vijaya Tribal Boys Hostel, Baghmara. To maintain this hostel paddy fields were purchased both in Mohuldiha and Baghmara.

In 1980, Vijaya Vocational Mission M.E. School was started in Baghmara with Sabai Craft as one of the subjects. Mr. Kanduri Cahran Das of Kuchilakhunta, Mr. Jugeswar Naik of Paunsia, Mr. Surjanando Hembrom of Paikapada were academic teachers while Manmatha Behera of Kuchilakhunta was Craft teacher and Ghasia Behera was school peon. All were paid by the Catholic Mission as the school was not recognized by the Govt. This school began to flourish and gain popularity. It brought out very good results in the Middle School exams every year. More and more boys began to take admission in the hostel to read in the vocational M.E. School. Action Aid, England came to support the boy’s hostel economically. Spade works began in 1984 for the establishment of a convent and dispensary at Baghmara. Lands were acquired and primary efforts for the constructions started by way of land reclamation.

Boys from Talbandho area began to take admission in Baghmara hostel. Through those boys and their guardians, contacts were begun to be made to Talabandho area and the resulted as the entry point for the Mission at Ghatiduba in later times.

In 1985, Fr. Chacko Panathara was relieved for pioneering works in Talabandho area, leaving Baghmara for Fr. Cherian Varampath C.M. to nurture. The support from C.A.C. gave a boost to keep more and more boys in the hostel at Baghmara especially from Talabandho region. In the year 1986, amidst other catastrophes in the villages caused by a Tornado, the asbestos roofing of the church at Baghmara was blown off completely.

In June 1986, Fr. Jacob Kallupurackel was transferred from Mitraput to Baghmara Mission to relieve Fr. Cherian Varampath C.M. for K.C.Pur. During a short span of three years of Fr. Jacob’s stay in Baghmara, the church was given a new face lift with RC roofing, first floor for the entire hostel section, Vijaya Sadan Convent and Dispensary were built and handed over to the Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore in Aug. 1987.

In AuG. 1988, Fr. Jacob was transferred to K.C. Pur leaving charges of Baghmara into the hands of Fr. Isaac Shobhasundar C.M. who initiated the establishment of Vijaya Mission High School at Baghmara. In the same year the Vocational M.E. School of Bgahmara was taken over by the Govt. with full sanction and Grant.

In Sept. 1992, Fr. Isaac Sobhasunder left Baghmara and Fr. Daniel Murmu took charge of Baghmara establishment. In 1993, Fr. Daniel Murmu was replaced by Fr. Zacharias Kunnakkattuthara. In 1996 Feb. Fr. Zacharias K. Thara left Baghmara and Fr. Antony J. took the interim charge of it until a proper appointment was made. In June 1996, Fr. Gerald Gomes was officially appointed as Parish priest of Baghmara. He continued in that office until June 1998 when he was relieved by Fr. Jose Thundiyil. In April 2000, Fr. Jose Thundiyil was transferred as the Cathedral parish priest at Balasore leaving the charge of Baghmara establishment into the able hands of Fr. Laurence Thalikulam.

During his time the parish celebrated its Silver Jubilee. In the year 2002, when Fr. Laurence Thalikulam was transferred to BSSS, Balasore, Fr. Jojo Vaidyakaran took the charge of Baghmara Mission as parish Priest. In his three years of time Vijaya High School got its minimum grant from the Govt. of Orissa. After having served Baghmara Mission for three years Fr. Jojo Vaidyakaran was transferred to Barbil in June 30th, 2005 and Fr. Jadu Marndi was appointed as the parish priest of Baghmara Mission who is still continuing the mission work in Baghmara Parish.


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