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service centers :

  1. Pastoral Centre

    Director :

    Fr. Roy Kochupurackal

    Address :
     Deepthi Bhavan, Bonapraia,
    Kuruda, Balasore.
    Telephone : 06782290738

  2. Social service centre
    The concept of development ignites passion in many; the realization of it vividly expresses in removal of pangs and sorrows of many. In order to change and develop thousands and materialize this truth in the interior hamlets of the four civil districts of the diocese such as Balasore, Bhadrak, Keonjhar and Mayrbhanj Balasore Social Service Society was set up as a vital organ of the Diocese. A special cell was assigned for the social wing when Fr. Paul Kidangan was appointed as the first director of it in 1992. The following year Fr. Jacob Kallupurackal succeeded him to be the director of the social service society and the office was established at Deepthi Bhavan, Pastoral centre at Kuruda. He baptized the social service wing as Balasore Social Service Society (BSSS). In his time with his staff members he initiated several works for the up-liftment of the poor people in many parishes. When he was transferred to Keonjhar in 1998 as the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Koonamparampath assumed as the director of BSSS. It was during his tenure the super cyclone occurred in Orissa.

    BSSS played a vital role in relief and rehabilitation of the thousand of people in the four districts of the Diocese. The relief service done by the BSSS is a landmark in the annals of history. In 2002 when Fr. Paul was appointed as the Parish Priest of Barbil, Fr.Laurance T.V was appointed as the director of the BSSS. It was the same year the newly constructed BSSS building was ready for the use and it was shifted to the new building at Balasore. In 2006 when Fr. Laurance T.V. was sent for his higher studies to Philippines the then assistant director, Fr. Mathew Karikulam was elevated to be the director of BSSS. Fr. Mathew continues to be in the office.

    Director :
    Fr. Lijo Nirappel

    Asst. Director:
    Fr. Eric Soreng

    Address :
    Balasore social service society,
    Vivekanandamarg Road,
    Telephone : 06782269393
    Fax : 06782269393
    E-mail : talk2bsss@gmail.com

  3. Cultural Centre
    Utkal Vani is the cultural Centre of the Diocese of Balasore. It had a humble beginning in 1992. The inception of the centre was in a rented building with a handful of tribal girls. It was founded, baptized and brought up by Rev. Fr. Chacko V.L, the first director of it. Utkal Vani is a brain child of Rev.Fr. Chako. His aim and vision for Utkal Vani was to train tribal children in classical music and dance to communicate the Gospel message in a very attractive form to various cultures of people. It was meant to take care of both educational and cultural needs of the children. In 1998 the present building was ready and the students and the staff were shifted to the newly constructed cultural centre. At the same time it served the Diocesan communicationsí centre as well. Fr. Chacko continued to be the director from 1992 to 10th June 2006. Though he was the director from the very inception his residence was in the Cathedral church at Balasore because he was the Parish Priest of the Christ the King Cathedral as well. When he was transferred from the parish he became a full time director of Utkal Vani from the year 1999.

    Utkal Vani gives professional training on classical music and dance to the young artists. The students are trained in dances such as Oddsi, Sambalpuri, choou, traditional and some of the modern dances. Students who want get training in classical music and musical instruments are also professionally trained here. The training is for both the day scholars and the residential students. It not only trains the students but also gives stage performance on music and dance. Lately Utkal Vani has started a wing for Biblical Dramas. Different themes from the Holy Bible are performed in the forms of drama.

    Utkal Vani has a professional look at the programmes and training. Now there are many drop-out boys and girls from all over Orissa learning and performing, dance, music and drama. Utkal Vani is not only acclaimed for its performances in Balasore diocese or Orissa. It has given stage performances on many of the states of India and it has journeyed to over seas to perform the cultural items of Orissa. Fr. Chacko was transferred from Utkal vani and Fr. Tom Mannukunnel took over the centre on 10th June 2006.

    Director :
    Fr. Saji joseph

    Address :
    Utkal Vani Cultural Centre,
    Kalidaspur, Haripur - P.O.,
    Balasore -03.
    Telephone : 06782266725
    E-mail : utkalvani@gmail.com  

  4. Jyothi Hospital
    Jyothi Hospital is the realization of a dream. Jyothi hospital is a multi specialty charitable Hospital run by the Diocese of Balasore and situated at Kuruda, Balasore. It symbolizes fulfillment of a long cherished dream of our Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas Thiruthalil CM, D.D., to establish a simple yet excellent general hospital to serve the sick and suffering humanity. Set up in the year 1999, it meets the increasing health needs of the poor and the marginalized people under the area of the Diocese. It functions as a referral centre for all the Health Centers. Today, Jyothi Hospital stands proud as a magnificent monument to our
    concerted effort to provided quality health care not only in Orissa but also west Bengal and Jharkand. Fr. Paul Koonamparampath was the first director of the hospital and when he was transferred in 2002,to Barbil as the parish Priest, Fr. Jose Thundyil was appointed as the director. When Fr. Jose Thundyil left for the States in 2005, to work in the Diocese of Norwich Fr. Paul Koonamparampath once again assumed to be the director of the Hospital.

    There are more than a dozen of well qualified doctors and a number of nursing staff work in the hospital. Sisters of Destitute from Kothamagalm province render their whole hearted services to all the departments of the Hospital. The mission Jyothi Hospital is to provide quality health service to all at a reasonable cost irrespective of caste, creed and religion with an emphasis on helping the poor and the un-reached. Quality is never and accident. It is the result of planning, determination, team work and a commitment.

    Director :
    Fr. Paul Koonamparampath

    Address :
    Jyothi Hospital, Kuruda,
    Balasore, Orissa, 756056
    Telephone : (06782)256296, 256375, 395461
    E-mail : jyothihospital@myrealbox.com

  5. Vikas Sadan
    Vikash Sadan isa hostel for college boys and girls to do their plus two science in view of preparing them to get admission for professional courses like medical, engineering, computer education and other competitive examinations. This Centre is functioning form the year 2006 onwards. These students are selected through an entrance examination conducted by the centre. Presently the candidates are attending the regular classes in Balasore College. They are also given coaching classes in the hostel for all the college subjects and computer courses. Students from all the communities are selected but preference is given to Catholic students. The aim of the Centre is to empower the weak and the marginalized youth especially the tribals and Dailits through education. After completing the plus two Science, the students will be given one year of intensive residential coaching to appear the competitive examinations for the professional studies. The students, who are not selected for the professional studies, will be given coaching to appear other entrance examinations like railway, banking, NDA, LDC etc. the objective of Vikas Sadan is to give opportunity for better and affordable job oriented education/training with a view to get job which will provide them with a steady source of income and livelihood. At present the hostel is functioning in two rented building s in Gudipada. It will be shifted to Nuapadhi, Mitrapur.

    Fr. Chacko VL

    Asst. Director:
    Fr. Silberius Hembrom

    Address :
    Vikas Sadan
    At: Nuapadhi
    P.o: Mitrapur
    Dist: Balasore, Odisha
    Tel. 06782275983





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