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  1. Congregation of Mother of Carmel (C.M.C)
    The Congregation which is the first indegenous Religious congregations of Women in Kerala was founded in 1866 at Koonanmavu by the Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias and Fr. Leopold Boccaro, OCD. First it was affiliated as third order to the Carmelites Discalced. In 1890 it bifiricated into two- the Latins and the Syrians.As new Vicariates and Dioceses were set up in Kerala the Syrian section got divided independent units each of which was directed and patronized by the local ordinary of the respective Diocese. On November 16, 1963 all these independent diocesan units were amalgmated under one Superior General and the congregation was divided into five seperate provinces. Alwaye was chosen as the Head quarter and the Curia General was established at Thaikkattukara, Alwaye by Prot No 504/57 issued by the sacred congregation for the Oriental churches on March 2, 1967 and the congregation was raised to Pontifical Right under the title of “The Congregation of Mother of Carmel (C.M.C). Now the congregation is divided into 26 provinces, and four Regions.

    The Spirit of the congregation may be described as Bhakthi Karma Yoga as portrayed in the Motto, Dhajanema Madbehakta. Karmana Madarpita: The Charism is to be completely possessed by God in total availability to our fellowmen.

    The main apostolate of the congregation is education, aiming at the intellctual, social, economic, moral and spiritual advancement of the people particulary of women and children.The care of the sick and the destitute, social welfare services and such other activities are also under taken according to the needs of the church and of the people of the locality.

    The C.M.C. Congregation from Changanacherry Province began its first house in the prefecture of Balasore in 1973.

    Now sisters from Mount Carmel province Bhopal render their service in three houses in the Diocese.

    Superior General :
    Very Rev. Sr. Edward C.M.C

    Mount Carmel General
    Thaikattukara. P.O.
    Alwaye, Ermakulam, Kerala
    Pin - 683106
    Phone : 0484 -2621307, 2624270

    Provincial :
    Rev. Sr. Assumpta C.M.C

    Provincilate :
    Mount Carmel Provincilate
    Arvind Vihar
    Bagh Mugalia P.O.
    Bhopal, M.P.
    Pin - 462043
    Phone : 0755 -2481533

    Sisters working is the diocese- 14

    1. St. Vincent’s Convent
      Katchery Road,
      Balasore - 756001
      Phone : 06782 - 262726

    2. Jaya Mata Convent
      Basta P.O
      Pin - 756029

    3. Carmel Convent
      Near Barik Chack
      Pin - 756110
      Phone : 06784-282164

  2. Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul. (D.C.)
    In 1633, St Vincent De Paul and St Louise De Marillac seeing the abject social conditions of the poor of Paris and recognising the need for some permanent form of helping the widows, orphans, abandoned infants, the aged, sick and infirm of both sexes,organised the Daughters of Charity as a simple congregation. They are the first uncloistered community in the Church.

    The members of the congregation dedicate themselves to all kinds of works in schools, hosiptals, small dispensaries in rural areas, orphanages, infant homes, for the aged and handicapped, family visiting, leprosy patients, evangelization, popular missions, clinics for leprosy patients rehabilitation centres, etc.

    As early as 1630, Vincent De Paul entrusted to Louise De Marillac the first Sisters, who were devoting themselves to the work of various confraternities on 29 November 1933, they gathered around her to live their ideal under her guidance in community.

    On 18 January 1655, The Company was approved by Cardinal De Retz Arch Bishop of Paris, and on 8 June 1668, it received Pontifical approval from Pope Clement IX.

    Mother General -
    Rev. Sr. Evetyne Franc D.C

    Generalatic -
    140, Rue du Bac
    Corlex 07, France.

    Provincial -
    Sr. Grace Moolan D.C

    Provincialate -
    St.Vincent’s Provincial House
    P.O. Berhampur - 760010
    No. Sisters in the Diocese - 33

    Houses in the Diocese

    1. St Vincent’s Charity Centre
      P.O. Balasore - 756056
      Phone :

    2. Marillac Seva Sadan
      Post- Rasalpur - 756020
      Dist - Balasore
      Phone :

    3. Vijay Seva Sadan
      Post- Barbil - 758035
      Dist - Keonjhar
      Phone :

    4. Seton House
      Post- Hatigarh - 756033

    5. St Mary’s House
      Post- Krishnachandrapur - 757029
      Phone :

    6. Jeevan Jyoti House
      Post- Koninfulia - 757107
      Via - Baripada

  3. Sisters of St Anne Bangalore (SAB)
    The Congregation of the sisters of St Anne Bangalore,takes pride in tracing its orgin to a venerable and great missionary of India Rt. Rev Msgr Stephen Louis Charbonnaux, the First Vicar Apostolic of the then Mysore Diocese.

    In 1857 he founded a Congregation of Indian Sisters in Bangalore and placed it under the special patronage of St.Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, naming it the Congregation of Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore.

    Till 1957 the Congregation of St Anne was under the care of Good Shepherd Sisters. In the Year 1957 under the paternal guidance of the Late Rt. Rev Msgr Thomas Pothacamury, then the Archbishop of Bangalore, the Congregation of St Anne was separated from Good Sheperd Convent, and in 1959 by a Decree of the Sacred Congregation De Propaganda Fide it was canonically erected into an autonomous Congregaion.

    The members of SAB devoted themselves to the fields of Education, Medical, Social and Spiritual apostolates. ‘Love and Service’ is the Motto of the Congregation. In 1992, His Holiness Pope John Paul II raised this Diocesan Congregation to the rank of Pontifical Right.

    The congregations started its first house in the prefecure of Balasore in the year 1970 at Baripada. Presently, they have 3 houses in the diocese.

    Mother General -
    Rev. Sr. Isabel SAB
    No-2, Miller Road
    Bangalore - 56052
    Phone : 080 - 22551333
    email - Sabsuperiorgeneral @ yahoo.co.UK.

    Provincial -
    Sr. Stella SAB
    Provincialate - Sared Heart Provincial House
    A.P., Pin - 521241
    Phone : 0866 - 2832473
    email - Shpguntupalli@yahoo.com

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese -

    Houses in the Dioces - 3

    1. St Anne’s Convent
      Baripada - 757001
      Phone :

    2. Vijaya Sadan Convent,
      Post- Kuchilakhunta - 757025
      Via - Betnoti
      Dist - Mayurbhanj

    3. St James’ Convent
      Post- Jaleswar - 756033
      Dist - Balasore
      Phone :

  4. Handmaids of Mary (HM)
    Rev. Fr Edmund Albert Joseph Harrison sj, founded the congregation of the Handmaids of Mary at Kesramal in 1944 when he was Parish Priest of Kesramal, Gangpur, Orissa with the approval of Rt. Rev Oscar Severin sj.

    Fr. Edmund Harrison was a man of prayer, a zealous missionary and a great devotee of our Blessed Mother. During his pastoral Ministry he became aware of the need for evangelizing the people especially the poor, the women and children in the villages. He visualized the fulfillment of this mission through dedicated religious women, knowing the language and culture of the people. With this in mind he promoted local vocations.

    Thus ecclesial need and the founding gift (Charism) of Fr. Harrison eventually brought forth the Congregation of the Handmaids of Mary in the Church on 8 December 1944.

    The Sisters of the Handmaids of Mary is preaching the Gospel, catechising the faithful, caring for the less privileged, the poor, the women and children through education, medical and developmental works.

    The Constitutions of the Congregation was approved in May 1951. It was elevated to Pontifical status on 19 March 1999.

    The diocesan Congregation was founded with a view of helping the missionaries in evangelization and preaching the faith in villages esepecially among women and children. The members are engaged in catechetical work, education, medical apostolate including leprosy eradication and social apostolate including works in rural area. They strive to fulfil the desire of their founder through their intimacy with the Lord in contemplative prayer and total availability to the will of God and by joyful service.

    The Sisters of the Handmaids of Mary had started an English Medium School at Bhadrak at the Facur Factory permises in 1985. However, that school had to be handed over to the Factory Management in 1993 and the Sisters left Bhadrak.

    In 1994, they have opened a house in the interior village of Lavanyadeipur (Sarat) in Mayurbhanj District and this can be called their first house in the diocese of Balasore. The HM Sisters also take care of the hostel of Utkal Vani Dance - Music School at Balasore.

    Mother General -
    Sr. Agenes soreng HM

    Generalate -
    Generalate of the Handmaids of Mary.
    P.O/ Dt. Sundargarh
    Pin - 770001

    Provincial -
    Sr. Auxilia HM
    St Mary’s Convent
    Cox - Colony
    P.O/Dt. Jharsuguda
    Phone : 06645 - 271628

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 8

    House in the Diocese - 1

    1. St Mary’s Convent
      P.O. Lavanyadeipur - 757079
      Phone :

  5. Ursulines of Mary Immaculate(UMI)
    The institute of the Ursuline sisters of Mary Immaculate was founded at Piacenza, Northern Italy, in 1649 by the Blessed Mother Brigida Morello.The special end of the Institute is the education of girls in the spirit of the Catholic faith and instructing them in all branches of knowldge and work suitable to their condition.

    The institute, in 1934, extended its activities to mission lands and now specialises in educational, medical and social works.

    Presently, the insititute has three Provinces in India. Southern Province with its headquarters at Cannaanore, Kerala, central Province with its head-quarters at Bangalore, Karnataka and Northern Province with its headqurters at Kanpur. U.P.

    The Sister of the Central Province started their first house in the diocese of Balasore in 1988 in Karanjia. Presently, they have two houses in the diocese of Balasore, Orissa.

    Mother General -
    Sr. Bernardina (UMI)

    Generalate -
    Istituto Orsoline
    DI Maria Immacolate.
    Casa Generalizia,
    Via - Dandolo, 46
    00153 Roma - Italy
    Phone : 0039 - 06 - 5812150
    Email - Omi_Segreteria@tiscalinet.it

    Provincial -
    Sr. Berchmans UMI

    Provincial superior
    Ursuline provincialate 26, Davis Road
    St. Thomas Town Po.
    Bangalore - 560084
    Phone : 080 - 254762389
    Email - Ursuline@vsnl.com

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 9

    House in the Diocese - 2

    1. Vikash Convent
      P.O. Karanjia - 757037
      Phone : 06796 - 220983

    2. Kaurnalaya Convent
      P.O. Keutinimari - 757014
      Phone : 06796 - 240336

  6. Sisters of the Visitation Congregation of Alleppey (SVC)
    The Congregation of the sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey was founded by Very Rev Fr. Sabastin L.C. Presentation, with the permission of his Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Bento Martin Riberiro, the blessing of Rt. Rev. Dr Alexnder Choolaparambil, Bishop of Kottayam, and with the co-opertation of the Visitation Congregation of Kottayam. He started the Holy Family Visitation Convent at Kattoor in the Diocese of Cochin on 29 January 1924. Kattoor gradually developed into a Diocesan Congregation. It was canconically erected as an independent Congregation on 8 May 1945. When the Diocese of Cochin was bifuracted and the Diocese of Alleppey was established on 19 June 1952; the SVC Congregation juridically belonged to the Diocese of Alleppey.

    The Congregation was raised to Pontifical Right on 2nd April 2003.

    Superior General -
    Sr. Mary Cardine

    Generalate -
    Visitation Generalate,
    Alleppy, Kerala
    Pin - 688001
    Phone : 0477 - 2244739
    Email - Sr_ Caroline@rediffmail.com

    Regional Superior -
    Sr. Rita Joseph
    Regionalate - Prema Sadan camp.
    Sruram Lalwali
    Dhar Road, Via - Betma,
    P.O. Bisnanada - 453001
    Indore - M.P.

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 8

    House in the Diocese - 2

    1. Seva Sadan
      P.O. Md. Nagar Patna - 756032
      Via - Jaleswar
      Phone : 06781 - 2223472.

    2. Shanti Bhavan
      P.O. Rangiam - 757073
      Via - Nalagaja
      Phone : 06793 - 275451

  7. Deen Bandhu Samaj (DBS)
    The Deen Bandhu Samaj is a Diocesan Congregation founded in the diocese of Jagdalpur by late Bishop Mar Paulinus Jeerakath CMI, the First Bishop of Jagdalpur.

    The first members of this congregation started their mission on 3 June, 1975 at Konta, Bastar Dt. (C.G) where 95% of the population are poor and illiterate Adivasis. They began their work in this remote area, since main object of the Congregation is to imitate Jesus who is always in sympathy with those who are hungry, suffering, poor, oppressed, ignorant and sinful.

    On 3 July, 1976 the first members of the congregation had their vestition. They made their first profession on 22 June, 1978.

    Superior General -
    Sr. Rossitta DBS

    Generalate -
    Deen Bandhu Kuteer
    CG - 494001
    Phone : 07782 - 264782
    Email - Sr_ Caroline@rediffmail.com

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 4

    House in the Diocese - 1

    1. St. Thomas Convent
      Deen Bandhu Samaj
      Kalidaspur, Balasore
      Orissa - 756003

  8. Sisters of the Destitue (SD)
    Rev Fr. Vargese Payyappilly started this Congregation in March1927 under the direction of the late Archbishop Mar Augustine Kandathil of Enrakulam at Chunangamvely, Aluva.

    The members devote themselves to the care of the sick, poor and the destitute. Now the Congregation is divided into 6 Provinces, three in Kerala and three in Mission. The Provinces conduct separate novitiates of their own. It is a Papal Congregation since 1989.

    Superior General -
    Sr. Judit, SD

    Generalate -
    SD Generalate
    Aluva, Kerala
    Pin - 683105
    Phone : 0484 - 2623204, 09447725840
    Email - Sdgeberalate@eth.net

    Sr. Benedict SD

    Provincial -
    St. Vincent Provincial House
    Kozhippilly - P.O.
    Kerala - 686691
    Phone : 0485 - 2862143,
    Email - Sdconvent@Vsnl.net

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 07

    House in the Diocese - 1

    1. Jyothi Convent
      C/O. Jyothi Hospital
      Kuruda P.O
      Balasore - 756056
      Phone : 06782 - 256239

  9. Missionaries of Charity (MC)
    The Missionaries of Charity is an international religious family of pontificial right composed of active and contemplative branches founded by Mother M. Teresa Bojaxhiu M.C, at Kolkota on 7 October 1950.

    In 1994, the missionary sisters of Mother Teresa came to Balasore and opened their first house in Balasore with the intention of starting a Sisu Bhavan for medical works.

    Superior General -
    Sr. Nirmala M.C

    Generalate -
    Mother House
    Missionaries of Charity
    54A, A JC Bose Road,
    Kolkata, W.B
    Pin - 700016
    Phone : 033- 22497115

    Regional Superior -
    Sr. Suma M.C

    Generalate -
    Missionaries of Charity
    Plot No 13,
    Pin- 751007

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 9

    House in the Diocese - 2

    1. Missionaries of Charity,
      Banaparia, Kuruda P.O,
      Orissa- 756056
      Phone : 06782 - 211201

    2. Missionaries of Charity,
      Gangaraj P.O, & Village
      Via- Kuchei, Mayurbhanj -Dt.
      Orissa- 757105
      Phone : 06792 - 261307

  10. The Congregation of the Daughters of St Camillus. (D S C)
    The congregation of the Daughters of St Camillus was founded on February 2, 1890 in Rome by the Blessed A Luigi Teresa and blessed Joseph is Vannini and follows the same spirituality and charism of St Camillus. It has a particular mission in the church to give witness to the merciful love of Christ toward the sick and poor through a special vow of serving the sick even at the risk of their life (Fourth vow). The motto of the the congregation is to serve the sick and the poor even at the risk of their life. The DSCs are committed to the Apostolates of medical activites hospitals, dispensaries, nursing schools, homes for the aged, institutions for the handicapped children, leprosy colonies and home for people affected with HIV/AIDS.

    From 1972 onwards in different states of India, Daughters of St Camillus are self-lessely rendering their service. In 1997 D.S.C. Sisters came to the Diocese of Balasore to start a school for mentally challenged children. Since then their home has been based at Kuruda and are looking after the mentally challanged children of the Diocese.

    Superior General -
    Rev.Sr. Kayra Biondo

    Generalate -
    Istituto Figlie diSan camillo
    San camillo
    Villa Immacolata
    00046 Crittafferr- Ata(Rm)
    Provincial - Rev.Sr. Celsa DSC
    Provincialate - Daughter of St Camillus
    Assumption Villa No. 103
    Hemmur Main Road
    Kaloyan Nagar - P.O.
    Bangalore - 560043 Karnataka
    Phone : 080- 25445237, 25440839
    Fax : 080- 25444682

    No. of Sisters in the Diocese - 5

    House in the Diocese - 1

    1. Daughter of St Camillus
      Kuruda P.O. 756056.
      Balasore, Orissa
      Phone : 06782 - 256107,





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